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The Bartimaeus Trilogy

Bartimaeus 3-book boxed set - Jonathan Stroud

Upon reading the cover and the first few pages I thought this was a knock off Harry Potter.  But first impressions are often wrong--and I was so wrong that I find it funny now!  Reading this book I fell in love with a sassy mid-level Djinni named Bartimaeus.  I never thought I'd ever be able to see lovable in a demon character (fiction or nonfiction)! I found the book enchanting, engaging and interesting.  It was a surprising mix of themes.  You could see parts of the book being inspired by 1984 where the elite were 'magicians' or people who used demons as magical slaves over their proletariat masses. Interestingly the world was crafted so layered, imaginatively, and well thought out-- that it included a seemingly modern world that lacked most modern advances of our actual civilization because the elites stifled innovation by using their supernatural and dangerous slaves as work force instead of relying on human innovation.  It is a unique concept written plausibly to a logical conclusion in the world written.  I really enjoyed the story!