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Changling Troll Nightmare

The Riverman: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River Killer - William J. Birnes, Robert D. Keppel, Gary Leon Ridgway, Ann Rule

I thought it was a good book. A good addition to the Canon on Ted Bundy. A study on the scariest serial killer ever who had NO inhibitions about going into a young coeds room filled with roommates and steal her from her bed fate whacking her in the head... carrying her out the front door wrapped in her sheet with no one in the house noticing or hearing a thing. That is supremely horrifying. his thoughts on his "river man" says a lot about serial killers & Bundy himself even if he wasn't aware of it. He admits to his slayings as himself doing itfor the first time, maybe really only time inrint in person to this police detective.


I think the highlight of this book is Ted Bundy's conversations.  "Insights" if you will.  Truthfully the most compelling interesting parts are on Ted's own talks to Keppel.  Don't get me wrong, as a True Crime reader it was incredibly fascinating to read the story from his point of view.  Then delve into the "Riverman".  But certainly the most compelling figure are the words, thoughts, and what not of the most terrifying changling troll to have existed from my father's generation.  This man, single handedly is a horror story of unbelievable proportions.  The reason I read so much on him is the brazen abuctions.  The charm it had to have taken to take women feet from others.  In Linda Healy's case, he stole her out of her room.  Where we are supposed to be the safest and snuggest.  She wasn't living alone, no there were many roommates.  In fact one slept in the room nextdoor with a very thin partrition. Yet he had the nerve to do what he did.  And even more amazing no one noticed a thing.  The other is GeorgeAnn Hawkins on outside of her house just talking to a male friend in the U district!  Anyone could have at the right moment stole a look out a window on that fateful party night. Or passed by.  Yet he was able to carry her off too! His signature was the horrific daring he employed in the capture of his victims.  He seemed to enjoy pulling off what should have been impossible crimes.  He carried out plenty of crimes that were opportunistic on people like hitchhikers but one senses he carried an extra thrill from pulling off what should have had him caught by eyewitness (and in the end, his arrogance did just that at his double murder at Lake Sam).  Each victim was trolled by a callous predator playing a game of life and death built on the fantasy in his head.  The astonishing part was he pulled these off brazenly till 20, 30, MORE?---young women were dead.  He is a horror story who makes you look twice at anybody who needs help. Makes you double check your windows and locks. The reason why Ted Bundy is probably the Jack the Ripper of our age is purely because of the evil cunning employed.  There wasn't any mystery in the end.  We got the horrible monster.  Yet what he did was horrible.  And then HOW he did it somehow even exceeded sensible thinking.  Really, in a way of reverse psychology maybe that is how he pulled it off.  Surely no creep would try something in such places, right?  Wrong.  Ted Bundy was diaobical enough to do just that.  As a holder of a Bachelor's degree in Psychology he was in some ways insightful to himself.  But it did in the most twisted way make him even more insightful to those creatures like him.  Yes, he could see himself as a Hannibal Lector Erudite. But the truth was, his only accomplishments were in despicable feats of human destruction.  The only people who could appreciate him on that level in his own mind were below him.  A man who could have so many things but decided to destroy lives in schemes a movie script or book would be rejected for (before his existence was known) would be thrown out.  THAT is what makes him unique.  And for all the wrong, disgusting reasons when you contrast it with the what he could have done with his keen intellect and all consuming ambition if it hadn't be entirely focused on murdering young beautiful girls.  Even little girls... his youngest victim was indeed I believe 12 in Floridia but I could be off.